Why You Should Not Install an Ad Blocker

Ad blockers are typically browser extensions, also known as add-ons or plug-ins; this amounts to same. This simply means that they’re bits of codes which get installed in your web browser rather than your personal computer. Installing Ad Blocker is easy, and this tool is ideal in blocking those annoying ads. Without banners, web pages can be gorgeously beautiful. However, ad blockers can also be complicated.

The following are reasonss you should not install an ad blocker:

  • You Can’t Expand Your Knowledge

    Ad blocking triggers you to live in such a dull world of ultimately useful information. Lack of advertisements confines you just to see what you‘re looking for and you cannot get an alternative outlook and point of view. This can pose serious implications such as social blockades. It’s impossible to discuss fresh news from something that you did not hear about. It is a short trip to ultimate isolation and turns to nuts who talk to himself.

  • It Can Make Important Contents and Features Disappear

    There are stories about ad blockers wrecking user experiences in all types of sites to the extent that the sites become unusable. Built in client support instant messaging applications shopping carts or even the entire product page can be swallowed completely by those over-eager blockers. But the good thing is that it is easier to get around this through whitelisting websites adding them into a list of sites which ad blocker won’t touch. Keeping ad blocker switched on could likely mean a tradeoff between fully functional and ad-free browsing.

  • Ad Blocker Might Sell Your Browsing Data into Third Parties

    Ad blockers can stop ad servers from tracking your online activities. The bad side is that some ad blockers are the ones tracking you instead. These ad blockers send and sell your data to third parties, so you need to be extra cautious.

  • It Poses Existential Threats

    Ad blockers are said to be living in ethical twilight zones and pose existential threats to numerous media outlets relying on online advertising for increased revenue. Even big individuals in media landscapes have taken a hit. It’s up to you to find that sweet and ethical spot between safeguarding yourself from irritations and dangers of web-based advertising allowing digital media remains thriving and viable.

  • You’ll Lose Your Priceless Time

    Many banners come from a third-party server from which your most favorite site download them. While the server responds to requests of every advertisement, every clip, and every flash banner, you can spend this precious time with your hobby or your family.

  • You Might End Up Overworked

    Ads are like pictures in the book. If you read longer articles especially with big words and analytical data, the eyes surely need a break from time to time. All you have to do is look away and flashing, and dazzling banners will ultimately distract you, and then you’ll forget what you’re reading. Even doctors will tell you that having some rest from overwhelming information is good for you. Reading the article many times will help you understand the point better.

  • While it’s easy to see and appreciate the appeal and benefits of ad blockers, this software also has its drawbacks that might trigger you not to install an ad blocker. Despite this software’s name, this usually ends up blocking more or even all advertisements so individuals who are not using it might end up just watching more ads. This is probably the reason why some advertisements have become annoying, long and intrusive. So if there are reasons to install an ad blocker, there are reasons not to. You should assess your needs and be guided accordingly.

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